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Diarrhea is the frequent passage of soft or liquid bowel movements that occurs in bouts of 3-6 times or more in a day. Diarrhea can usually and easily be controlled by medication. Contact your doctor when you get severe diarrhea.
It can be kept under control with the right eating pattern as well as to prevent dehydration:
Eat foods which are warm or at room temperature.
Eat small, frequent meals in a quiet, relaxed setting
Remove dairy products from your diet. The lactose in the dairy products may cause diarrhea, or may aggravate it.
Do not eat large quantities of whole grain foods or fruits, as these may increase the activity of the bowel. Decrease the fiber in your diet.
Do not eat spicy, fried or rich foods which are hard to digest.
Consume foods high in potassium (such as fruits, tender coconut water, veg & fruit juices) – as diarrhea may also cause you to lose potassium.
To restore energy, rest when you feel tired and after each meal. Drink plenty of liquids every day to maintain bowel regularity and prevent dehydration.
Eat foods moderate in protein, calories & good soluble fiber to replace the nutrients lost through diarrhea. eg. Eggs, asparagus, fish, tofu, white bread, cheese, peas, banana, white rice, creamy soups, buttermilk, halibut, noodles, tapioca, baked potato, custard, poultry, avocado, smooth peanut butter, macaroni, applesauce, yogurt, carrots.
Liquids must be included to prevent dehydration, such as: Gatorade, pasteurized apple juice, gelatin, weak tea, grape juice and non-carbonated beverages.
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