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Importance of nutrition for cancer patients.
Should my diet be different because I have cancer?
Yes and No.
Not very different, if you are eating a wholesome and balanced diet.
You need to include the recommended servings from each food group to ensure you get your body’s daily nutrient requirements.
You need to plan the portion sizes as most patients have a tough time eating full meals. Usually, smaller well spaced meals are more easily tolerated and digested.
There is a lot of talk that cancer patients should take plenty of vitamins and supplements. At NutritionVista we recommend you focus completely on eating foods that give you all the nutrients your body needs. Unless your doctor explicitly recommends you take supplements, you should only focus on eating right. This includes high quality proteins, fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, dairy and good fats.
In some cancer cases method of feeding may depend on area & extent of cancer. (During oral/GI cancer and soon after surgery, Enteral or parenteral foods (IV or liquid foods) may have to be given for a period of time)

If you are made aware of what to expect, and what steps you need to take to help you cope with your treatment, you will be better able to fight back and better manage your disease.

A healthy, balanced diet that is customized to the patient’s personal needs, food preferences, while simultaneously addressing the current health status of the patient, will help alleviate side effects and improve outcomes. The recommended diet must be practical, easy to follow, and flexible to address side-effects as they occur.
Depending on which cancer the patient is suffering from, information about that cancer is provided through the following Links from the American Cancer Society as well as from the National Institute of Health.
1. Bladder Cancer
2. Brain Cancer
3. Breast Cancer
4. Cervical Cancer
5. Colon and Rectal Cancer
6. Endometrial Cancer
7. Esophageal cancer
8. Gallbladder Cancer
9. Gastric Cancer (Stomach)
10. Hodgkin Lymphoma
11. Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer
12. Laryngeal Cancer
13. Leukemia
14. Lung Cancer
15. Lymphoma, AIDS-Related
16. Melanoma
17. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
18. Osteosarcoma ( bone Cancer)
19. Oral Cancer
20. Ovarian Cancer
21. Pancreatic Cancer
22. Prostate Cancer
23. Skin Cancer (Nonmelanoma)
24. Thyroid Cancer
25. Uterine Cancer
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