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7 Hygiene Tips That Provide Better Protection From The H1N1 Virus or The Seasonal Flu.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
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Sometimes we simply overlook these tips or just take them for granted.
But hygiene can be your first and best defensive shield and help protect you from catching the flu when you get exposed to it.
7 Hygiene Tips -
  1. Teach your children to wash their hands before they sit down to eat even if they are having just a snack, and then right after they finish eating.
  2. Show them how to scrub their hands with soap after going to the toilet. Feces contamination can cause severe illnesses in children, elderly family members and pregnant women.Keep a nail brush handy for little kids and show them how to remove the dirt from under their nails.
  3. Insist that all household help wash their hands with soap and water just like you make your children wash up. Remember that they are often the ones preparing your food or taking care of your children.
  4. Wash / rinse all fresh vegetables and fruits several times in water very well.
  5. If your child has a fever with a cold and cough (even 99) keep them home from school. Your child's immunity is low when they are running a fever, and going to school can expose them to more germs. Use disposable paper cups for anyone who is sick.
  6. Carry tissues when you or your child has a cold, running nose and is sneezing. Handkerchiefs let the germs collect and get passed on when you touch doorknobs or faucets or simply shake hands. Buy alcohol based hand sanitizer gels and wipes - Use them!
  7. Home cooked food is safest, as restaurant staff may have the flu as well.
Most importantly a balanced, nourishing diet complete with phytonutrient`s & immune boosters, adequate sleep, plenty of water and juices WILL give you the ability to fight off the flu when exposed to it.

Several countries are offering the H1N1 vaccine. Children, elderly parents and those with immune disorders are most vulnerable and should get the vaccine. However, your doctor will best guide you and make appropriate recommendations.

For further advise on what to eat and what to avoid, you can contact one of our dietitians and they will help you plan out menus for when you have the flu.
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User Comments

10 July, 2010 | Sangeetha Narayana Swamy | Reply

Sangeetha Narayana Swamy Many schools conduct social and hygiene classes which are part of their curriculum. Parents should contact the management and make them understand the importance of maintaining the hygiene in school premises be it wash rooms or the play ground, if they are not maintaining the cleanliness. Involving the students in such activity will also make them responsible in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the place.

11 June, 2010 | Sarita | Reply

Sarita Hi,
I agree with Nira, one can make best possible efforts to maintain hygiene standards at home, but what about schools and colleges? These institutions should also make it a point that their washrooms are clean all the time and soaps are in place all through the year. Also, there should be facility for clean and safe drinking water.

23 October, 2009 | Nira | Reply

Nira It is a constant battle, as the schools don't enforce the same hygiene standards. Sometimes the soap has run out in the bathrooms!!!

Parents shouldn't send their kids to school if they are sick. But they dont want the kids to stay home and miss schoolwork or they themselves cannot miss work, so they send the child in with low grade fever.

Next thing you know, several kids in the class have the flu.

23 April, 2011 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar Dear Nira I agree that schools should both follow and enforce hygiene so that kids are educated on ill effects of lack of hygiene. Now there is unprecedented and exceptional amounts of rainfall in many parts of India. This is the time we need to be most careful about hygiene as its vacation time for kids and most play unattended outside homes. There is little or no sunlight to kill the germs and children are too naive to understand hygiene. Its therefore vital for parents to impress on their children that they ensure to wash their hands clean before every meal and always drink clean water(boiled, OR or UV treated)They should not eat any food sold on the roadsides but only in places which are safe and use clean dishes . Vijayalakshmi Iyengar

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