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Caffeine & Alcohol Blend – a Lethal Cocktail? The FDA Steps In!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
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Caffeine and alcohol – a lethal cocktail?
Mixing caffeine with alcohol is hardly a new trend, but of late large segments of students / teenagers have had to be admitted to the emergency room after consuming a new and trendy type of combination drink. What kind of an impact do these drinks have on a young mind and body and aren't the side effects dangerous? The answer is a scary “Yes.” Researchers have found that combining energy drinks with alcohol changed peoples perception of how drunk* they were. Normally, excess alcohol makes people sleepy but combining caffeine loaded energy drinks make the caffeine in them trick people into thinking they are sober and makes them continue drinking.

Some combination drinks such as Jager Bomb, Joose and Four Loko can get you drunk faster and for less. They are a volatile combination of caffeinated energy drinks like Red bull for instance with a dangerous spike of alcoholic beverages like vodka and rum etc.



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User Comments

20 November, 2010 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar How much impact THE FDA warning has on these companies to withdraw the existing products, other companies to desist bringing out similar concotions, and kids from indulging in them, has to be seen.

17 November, 2010 | Mrinal | Reply

Mrinal The Food and Drug Administration was expected to take a stand Wednesday on the removal of Caffeine From Alcoholic Drinks - (e.g. Four Loko)

Anticipating such a move, the company that manufactures Four Loko announced on Tuesday evening that they were removing the caffeine and two other ingredients from its products. This was a direct result of their facing steady criticism and regulatory scrutiny for manufacturing these dangerous energy concoctions that combine high levels of a caffeine stimulant with alcohol.

There had been numerous reports of young people getting sick after consuming this deceptively marketed blend of alcohol and caffeine, which was sold in colorful 23.5-ounce cans.

Hopefully the other brands will follow the lead and stop bringing such reckless products to market.

17 November, 2010 | Shreenatha Narayana | Reply

Shreenatha Narayana Great, that is a commendable move by the manufacturer. The FDA should still bring in some stringent rules so that none of the manufacturer can deceive the consumer.

17 November, 2010 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar Fantastic news Mrinal! I am sure with pressure form the Medical fraternity, FDA, parents, School authorities and healthy students all other companies will follow suit. Not only that no company would like to be seen as deliberately going against the law or harming the youth.

09 November, 2010 | Vedanta Dikshit | Reply

Vedanta Dikshit Mixing any energy drinks with alcohol causes this effect or just the drinks mentioned in the above article? What are the energy drinks available in India, name a few. Just want to know the brand names so that I can keep my son who is 19 yrs of age, off them.

Very nice and informative article. Thank you.

01 November, 2010 | Parul Mehta | Reply

Parul Mehta Education students from primary school onwards about the ill effects of drugs, alcohol and smoking will help in keeping atleast 50% of the kids away from these dangerous habits. Easy access to pocket money, getting everything they need from parents who struggle to give their wards the best of everything, has made the children of today to some extent irresponsible.

01 November, 2010 | Danny | Reply

Danny It is sad that children will do anything to be a on a high without thinking of the repercussions. There are kids who will do anything for a DARE and challenge the peer to do the same. The worry is they willl not be aware when they cross the line from so called `FUN' to `Danger'.I agree there should be strict legislation in marketing such spirits. In my sons school also they are facing drugs, smoking and drinking problems from class 7 onward.... we need to watch our wards without rasing their suspicion.

01 November, 2010 | Nitin Kakkar | Reply

Nitin Kakkar People who consume only alcohol, who feel tired and intoxicated, are more likely to acknowledge that they are drunk.On the other hand, people who have consumed both alcohol and caffeine may feel awake and competent enough to handle potentially harmful situations, such as driving while intoxicated or placing themselves in dangerous social situations which in turn can lead to disastrous consequences.

01 November, 2010 | Rahul Kumar | Reply

Rahul Kumar Caffeine in these drinks may lead people to underestimate how drunk they are, giving drinkers a false sense of sobriety.An inaccurate perception may increase the likelihood of engaging in high-risk behavior.
Its important to make teenagers aware about the effect of these drinks.

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