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Constipation – Do You Suffer from it?

Saturday, April 21, 2012
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Constipation refers to infrequent bowel movements - causes, symptoms, get relief from discomfort and pain.CONSTIPATION - Do You Suffer from it?
Why is 'constipation' a topic most people avoid discussing even with their physician. It's common enough, for everybody at some time or the other has suffered from it, most often just for short periods Usually, constipation is not a serious problem, but it can be both painful and stress inducing.

Simply put 'constipation' refers to infrequent bowel movements - bowels that are hard to pass or painful to poop. Did you know that on the high side 30% of the population suffer from it on & off, with children and older adults being more constipated than other age groups?

Normally for healthy people, bowel movements may range from 3 per day to 3 a week. However as a rule if it lapses for more than 3 days then the contents of the intestine (colon) may become hard and become both difficult and painful to eliminate. This could now lead to painful straining, collection of gas, feeling of incomplete evacuation and further complications such as bleeding and/or painful haemorrhoids (piles), anal fissures and in worst cases there could be even rectal prolapse.



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User Comments

06 September, 2011 | Kaveri | Reply

Kaveri Food sources of dietary fiber are often divided into 2 types -(1) soluble (prebiotic) fiber that is readily fermented in the colon into gases and physiologically active byproducts, and
(2) Insoluble fiber that is metabolically inert, absorbing water as it moves through the digestive system, easing defecation.
Both are important because Soluble fibers have the capacity to absorb water, swell and become a gelatinous mass that is fermented by bacteria in the digestive tract.This now helps to synthesize both Vitamin B complex as well as Vitamin K. Insoluble fiber on the other hand gives bulk, softens stools and reduces the time in the intestinal tract by peristalsis.

02 August, 2011 | Saheli | Reply

Saheli My father is not constipated and yet he suffers from bleeding piles,and he feels very tired after this. What could the reason be? Can you suggest a remedy please?

21 April, 2012 | Poonam | Reply

Poonam There are many reasons for rectal bleeding, of which the common ones are, anal fissures, piles, haemorrhoids, colitis, crohn's disease etc. Straining while passing stools can cause damage to the delicate top skin of a haemorrhoid and lead to bleeding. If the bleeding is profuse then a doctor must be contacted immediately.

01 August, 2011 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar A lot of people who suffer from constipation can work around it by finding what food helps them best. It definitely is some high fiber foods along with plenty of liquids, physical activity, good toilet discipline to name a few important ones. However some people especially benefit from a good helping of papaya, or banana or guava, a hot cup of coffee or tea or just plain water etc.It may sound quirky but its definitely pays to include that item generously through out the week.

26 May, 2011 | Rosita Narine | Reply

Rosita Narine I think best way in avoiding constipationis by eating food that are high in fibre, like whole grain bread,fruits such as papya,s,mango,s are th best because it,s the most natural way of getting rid of constipation,we'll dat,s my advice.ohh and b.t.w i am glad to say i no longer suffer from constipation.

23 May, 2011 | Parul Bhatnagar | Reply

Parul Bhatnagar Dear Friends,
Constipation can be easily relived if your are doing plenty of exercise as discussed in article. Brisk walking improves your bowel movements and drinking water are the best treatment for constipation.

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