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Sam’s Diabetes - An Inspiring Story On the Occasion of World Diabetes Day - 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011
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Sam's Diabetes -
It's all about exercising!

... Sam was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a very young age. Now at a hunky 5'10" and quite a few years later, he is in complete control of a condition he never takes for granted, but manages sensibly and intelligently, so it never comes in the way of his having fun and living well.

Well, asking Sam to give a few quotes is like asking a teen to open up and speak to a parent about his emotions! It ain't gonna happen. Having said that, Sam graciously did make an effort to speak out to the benefit of the masses of dudes like him who would read this article.



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User Comments

10 January, 2011 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar Today children can enjoy desserts more than ever before as they can be made with sugar substitutes. However portion size has still to be watched and taken into account, especially for carbs, fat and sodium.

02 December, 2010 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar Some body asked me `what about kids who are not very sporty'? I think they should be put into some professional sports or into martial arts program like karate or judo etc. Yoga has undisputable benefits so I positively think we should encorage all kids to take on yoga especially if they are not into any other physical activity.

05 July, 2010 | Geetanjali | Reply

Geetanjali Diabetic athletes like Gary Hall olympic gold medalist for swimming and cricketer Wasim Akram illustrate the effectiveness of exercise in managing diabetes

07 June, 2010 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar I also subscribe to the theory that educating a child about their health condition and teaching them to take responsibility for themselves goes a long way in helping them manage their condition, as yes diabetes is a life partner, but a well managed diabetic can have relatively good and healthy life like all other children, and with little complications as they grow older.
Vijayalakshmi Iyengar

03 March, 2010 | Omesh | Reply

Omesh Hello,

My mother is diabetic and is very fond of fruits. But I am little hesistant in giving her fruits because of their sweet nature. Can she take fruits as such? Which fruits will be beneficial for her?

21 July, 2010 | Sangeetha Narayana Swamy | Reply

Sangeetha Narayana Swamy Dear Omesh,

Diabetics should include one or two servings of fruits a day in their meal plan. They should avoid fruits only if their blood sugars are not under fair control. Apple, orange, papaya, pear, small banana, musambi, musk melon, a slice of water melon are examples of some of the fruits that can be included.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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