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Press Release

Prakash Netra Kendr & Jointly Hold Eye & Nutrition Camp
Lucknow, India, October 12, 2008 – Prakash Netra Kendr, Lucknow is jointly organizing a community outreach event on October 12, 2008, with, the US based nutrition counseling services organization, to commemorate World Sight Day 2008.
Prakash Netra Kendr is holding a free eye check up camp for glaucoma screening, and age related macular degeneration (AMD). On the occasion of World Sight Day, Dr Shobhit Chawla, Medical Director, added, “At Prakash Netra Kendr, we are driven to provide the best preventive, diagnostic and surgical eye care for Lucknow and its surrounding districts. We have dedicated our efforts to help prevent such debilitating illnesses that deprive people of their vision. On World Sight Day today, I am hopeful that we create greater awareness of the need to prevent, diagnose and treat these individuals who need our expertise in handling their illnesses with care.” “We also thank TOI and Novartis for supporting this event and generously showing their commitment to benefiting our community.”
For this occasion, is holding a series of seminars on the importance of Nutrition in the prevention of blindness and loss of vision due to diabetes and heart disease. Ms. Mrinal Jhangiani, Managing Director, says, “We are very proud of the inspiring work that Prakash Netra Kendra is doing not only for Lucknow residents, but also for the surrounding areas as well. To show our joint commitment to the community at large, we have undertaken this initiative on World Sight Day and we are happy to provide not only these complimentary seminars but also free blood sugar testing for all who attend. Awareness is key to good health and at our long-term aim is to increasingly create awareness that good Nutrition directly impacts eye diseases, as well as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.”
A dietician has been counseling patients at Prakash Netra Kendr since August this year, advising patients on their diet and nutritional intake to address chronic lifestyle diseases of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.
About NutritionVista: was founded on the basic premise that for most working adults access to healthy eating and weight management is not only time consuming but also unreliable.
To meet this unmet need, offers a convergence of both online and off-line tools built around the services of their well-trained dieticians who are certified by the Indian and/or American Dietetic Associations (IDA, ADA) respectively. A US based company now with an Indian presence, brings the latest in health assessments and innovative tools that will help consumers get better guidance, training and support on nutrition and related health issues.
For further information contact:
For Prakash Netra Kendr
Dr. Shobhit Chawla

Medical Director
Dr. Rajat Dhesi
Medical Director
Mrinal Jhangiani
Managing Director
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